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PhD Student in Informatics

Ref HS 2019/506

University of Skövde is has a strong research and education profile in computer game development. Game development is an interdisciplinary effort including design, game writing, graphic, sound, music and programming. Research is carried out in two research groups: Interaction Lab (InGaMe Lab) and Media, Technology and Culture (MTEC). Game development, as a sub area of informatics, is an interdisciplinary area where different technical approaches collaborate with various artistic / aesthetic approaches to create creative products. The focus on game development relates to the development of computer games in the capacity of being an interactive information technology system with the special characteristics of being a game. These include, but are not limited to, design of game mechanics, interactivity and user experience. Most of our projects are interdisciplinary but reside within the area of informatics.

The PhD student position is offered within the area of informatics, which at the University of Skövde, is defined as the science that studies how information is represented, processed and communicated in artificial and natural systems, and how such systems are used and developed in order to achieve usable and effective applications and solutions for individuals, organizations or society.

The position available in this project is potentially open to many directions depending on the applicant’s background. Therefore, we welcome applicants of different backgrounds. The project can take a more technical direction or be more design or production oriented depending on what needs that are prioritized.

The university’s research and education environment in computer games is part of Sweden Game Arena, which also includes a corporate incubator focused on gaming and a business cluster with about 20 studios. Together, this gives Sweden the most profiled and concentrated environment for research, education and business in game development. The persons we are looking for should help to strengthen the academic environment in game development. This means that we expect active interest in both the research, education and development of the environment at the University of Skövde and in Sweden Game Arena. One important goal of the project is to build relations between these stakeholders in order to increase utilization of research results.

The position relates to:

  • PhD student research education in informatics within the subject area of game development
  • teaching in informatics and game development
  • project work in the Sweden Game Arena project.

We are looking for applicants who fulfil the entry requirements for the research education programme in informatics at University of Skövde, these are: 

  • an advanced level degree in informatics or other relevant topic assessed by the employer, or at least coursework equal to 240 ECTS credits where a minimum of 60 ECTS credits is on the advanced level, or knowledge equivalent to these levels of university study
  • have completed academic courses of at least 60 credits, including independent thesis writing of at least 15 credits at advanced level, within the field Informatics, applicable areas of a similar kind or other fields which are judged as directly relevant for the licentiate or PhD thesis
  • a passing grade on the Swedish senior high school course “English B” or equivalent.

In addition to the qualification requirements, the bases of evaluation for this position are:

  • A good ability to do what is required for education on the PhD-level.
  • Documented practical experience of game development.
  • Documented experience of interdisciplinary development projects.
  • Documented ability to collaborate.
  • Documented ability to plan and organize one´s workload.
  • Good communicative skills.
  • Documented experience of collaboration with society and organizations, in particular with the game development community and business.
  • Good communicative ability, including ability to write in English.
  • An exam with a specialization in or close relation to game development. 

For this position special emphasis will be placed upon experience of collaboration with society and organizations, in particular with the game development community, documented practical experience of game development, documented ability to collaborate and documented ability to plan and organize one´s workload.

The University of Skövde strives towards ethnical and cultural diversity and equal gender distribution within all employment categories. As the majority of the employees in the School of Informatics are men, the University especially invites women to apply for this position.

The position is a temporary employment until PhD degree is obtained, but no longer than 5 years. Salary will be paid according to the local agreement.

Application deadline: September 6 2019

The reference number: HS 2019/506

Contact information

Information about the position is provided by Johan Almer, Head of Division and professor of Informatics Per Backlund. Union information is provided by Anders Johansson (SACO-S), Sonja Nohlgren (ST). These persons may be reached through the University’s switchboard, 0046-(0)500-44 80 00.


You apply for the position at our website, www.his.se/jobb by clicking “Apply” at the bottom of the advertisement. Please submit below listed documents:

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • Declaration of interest where you describe your research interests and expectations on your research education.
  • Transcripts and grades from advanced level
  • Thesis (in English)
  • Other documentation

According to the regulations of the National Archives the University is obliged to keep application documents for two years after the appointment of the position. Applicant requesting documents to be returned will have them returned after the two years, otherwise they will be eliminated.

Read the job description at the university homepage


Post expires on Friday September 6th, 2019