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Postdoc/Researcher Position in Clinical Mass Spectrometry-based Omics at the Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen


This is an opportunity to join the Translational Medicine Team at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen (SDCC).

About the Translational Medicine Research Group
We specialize in the human metabolome, lipidome and proteome to design tests for clinical decision-making and to discover novel therapies. We do this by using state-of-the-art mass spectrometry instruments and bioinformatics tools. We plan to integrate clinical proteomics workflow in the clinics. We lead and are partners in various consortia focusing on type 1, type 2 diabetes, and related complications.

The Translational Medicine Research Team currently involves ten scientists.

About the Project
In diabetes, when pancreas stops producing insulin, a cascade of metabolic dysregulations in the body follows. Inability of the cells to incorporate the glucose leads to various adverse effects, including nerve damage, retinopathy, and cognitive functions. Joining our group, you will become a central part of research projects, where we will focus on biomarkers development for prediction of diabetes complications. Through your work you will be able to influence real-life diagnostics applied to patients at Steno Diabetes Center.       

The Position
You will work within the Translational Medicine Research Team: 

  • You are expected to work in personalized medicine and contribute to dissemination of results. 
  • You will work with a quality mindset for creating reproducible research for the benefit of the patient. 
  • You will be able to supervise and manage projects. 
  • You will take responsibility in maintaining and developing pipelines for high-throughput mass spectrometry omics approaches. 

We are looking for a candidate with: 

  • Strong hands-on experience in mass spectrometry proteomics
  • Expertise in samples preparation for metabolomics and/or proteomics and/or lipidomics analysis
  • Experience in data analysis and library development for MS-based omics
  • A strong interest in mass spectrometry machines methods development and troubleshooting
  • A PhD in a relevant scientific area
  • An interest in managing collaborative research projects
  • An interest in precision medicine and translational omics 

What we offer
We offer a career path that promotes taking a key role in clinical research projects. We have close interaction with clinicians for patient-related research and an international network with industry and academia for collaborative opportunities. There will be opportunity to supervise, apply for funding, to develop managing skills and to define and lead mass spectrometry-based projects. 

Recruitment and employment
As part of the recruitment procedure the candidate’s qualifications will be assessed by an academic assessment committee. The employment is in accordance with the Capital Regions collective agreements and initial contract will be for two years with a possibility of extension and promotion, depending on the applicant’s experience. 

Contact and Information
Applications for the position are accepted online before 12th of November 2023. Interviews are expected to be held in week 46 with starting date of employment of the 1st of January 2024 or soon after. For further information about the position, please feel free to contact team leader Karolina Sulek or head of the TT1D section Flemming Pociot on +45 3045 6313. We welcome applications from all candidates with the relevant professional background and qualifications. We reserve the right to close this vacancy early if we receive highly qualified applicant for the position. Therefore, if you are interested, please submit your application as early as possible.

About Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen 
Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen (SDCC) is specialized in patient care, research, prevention of diabetes, and in education of health care professionals within diabetes. SDCC is the largest diabetes clinic in Scandinavia, treating annually more than 11,000 children and adults with diabetes.

Read the job description at the university homepage



Job type



Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen

Work hours


Job number


Application due


Contact us

Flemming Pociot


Post expires on Monday November 13th, 2023

One Postdoctoral Research Position in Cancer Immunotherapy at the National Center for Cancer Immune Therapy (CCIT-DK), Copenhagen Area, Denmark

We are offering an exciting opportunity to join a pioneering biomedical research institute dedicated to innovation and science. This postdoctoral position provides ample opportunities for independent works, supervision of younger researchers, and professional growth.

The tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) group at the National Center for Cancer Immune Therapy (CCIT-DK), Copenhagen University Hospital, Herlev, Denmark (Group Leader: Associate Prof. Marco Donia), is seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher with advanced skills in cell biology, immunology, or genomic analysis of cancer for a research project on acquired resistance to cancer immunotherapy. The position has an expected duration of 2 years, with the possibility of extension for an additional 2 years. It is available immediately.

The research project will focus on characterizing acquired resistance to cancer immunotherapy, particularly to TIL therapy, using advanced genomic, spatial, cellular, and in vivo assays. For more information, please refer to our recent manuscript in the New England Journal of Medicine [1], as well as a previous pilot study where we characterized acquired resistance to anti-LAG-3 plus anti-PD-1 [2]. The project is fully funded. More information is available at

The TIL group’s primary objective is to leverage innovative knowledge on the interaction of TILs with tumors to develop novel therapies for cancer treatment. Our research is focused on three lines of investigation: 1) Acquired Resistance to Immunotherapy (Translational), 2) Functional Characterization of tumor-reacting TILs (Translational), and 3) Real-world Evidence in Cancer Immunotherapy (Clinical-Epidemiological). The research group is young and currently consists of six additional full-time researchers with diverse backgrounds in medicine, biology, and bioinformatics. The Principal Investigator (PI) is employed 50% in research and 50% in the clinic. As such, the postdoctoral researcher will have ample opportunities for leadership within the group, as well as enjoy a high level of independence and professional growth.

CCIT-DK specializes in dissecting the cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate anti-tumor immunity and utilizes this knowledge to develop next-generation cancer immunotherapies. As part of the Capital Region of Denmark Health Organization, CCIT-DK offers broad training possibilities and a highly collaborative environment for basic and translational cancer immunology research. Currently, approximately 60 highly qualified scientists and clinicians work at CCIT-DK.


  • Ph.D. in Immunology, Biology, Medicine, or related fields
  • Strong skills in immunology and molecular biology, with a specific focus on human diseases and/or cancer
  • Bioinformatics skills (preferred)
  • Experience with in vivo studies (preferred)
  • Ability to work independently
  • Effective communication and presentation skills
  • Mentoring mindset towards younger scientists

We offer

How to apply
Interested applicants should send a CV, cover letter with a statement of research interests and any other supporting document.
Deadline: Please send your application as soon as possible (position already available), but not later than October 1st 2023”

Additional info and contacts
For more information, please contact Associate Professor Marco Donia.
E-mail: marco.donia@regionh.dk
Phone: +45 38689339
CCIT Website:
TIL group page:
LinkedIn page of group leader, Marco Donia:

[1]  https://www.nejm.org/doi/10.1056/NEJMoa2210233
[2] https://aacrjournals.org/cancerimmunolres/article-abstract/10/10/1254/709279/Coexisting-Alterations-of-MHC-Class-I-Antigen?redirectedFrom=fulltext

Read the job description at the university homepage


Post expires on Saturday September 30th, 2023

A two-year postdoc in the development and application of deuterium metabolic imaging

We are looking for an enthusiastic postdoctoral researcher who wishes to join our efforts to develop new methods for deuterium metabolic imaging utilizing proton (1H) and deuterium (2H) Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) and our high field (3T) and ultra-high field (7T) scanners. The applicant will join a multidisciplinary team that aims to implement and optimize current techniques of deuterium metabolic imaging in order to maximize the sensitivity of the methods. The project will be conducted in collaboration with experts in metabolite modeling to derive comprehensive brain metabolic parameters. We will explore translational applications for the newly developed methodologies in clinical settings. The establishment of relevant clinical applications provides an opportunity for an extension of the postdoctoral position. The successful applicant will be encouraged to develop her/his own line of research and apply for independent funding. If you are an MRS expert and interested in neuroscience, you should join our project to change our view on the brain forever.

About us:

The Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance (DRCMR) is one of the leading research centers for biomedical MRI in Europe (www.drcmr.dk). Our mission is to triangulate MR physics, basic physiology, and clinical research. Approximately 70 researchers from a diverse range of disciplines are currently pursuing basic and clinically applied MR, electrophysiology, and brain stimulation research with a focus on structural, functional, and metabolic MRI of the human brain and its disorders.

The DRCMR is embedded in the Center for Functional and Diagnostic Imaging and Research, a large diagnostic imaging department including all biomedical imaging modalities at Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre.

The position:

You will be employed as a Postdoc for a two-year period on a project funded by the Lundbeck Foundation. As a Postdoc at the DRCMR, you will closely interact with other researchers from various disciplines (neuroscience, health technology / medical engineering, neurobiology, radiology, computational and clinical neuroscience, etc.). We act in concert, and you are never alone with your tasks.

Your daily tasks will vary according to the flow of the project, but will mainly be centered around:

  • development and testing of MRI/MRS(I) protocols at 3T and 7T
  • development and testing of MRI/MRS(I) data analysis methods
  • analyzing MRI/MRS(I) data, from pre-processing to group analysis
  • data acquisition, mainly MRS(I) with multi-session design
  • engaging in teaching, knowledge dissemination, and publication of results in international, recognized scientific journals

Your profile:

You should be an expert in MRI/MRS with most of the following qualifications:

  • A PhD degree or corresponding qualification in engineering, physics, computer science or a related field with interest in neuroscience/neurophysiology.
  • Background and proficiency in MRI (mainly MRS/MRSI) protocol design, data acquisition, and analyses. Experience with MRI sequence pulse programming is an advantage.
  • Knowledge of MRI analysis software.
  • Strong programming skills in MATLAB and/or Python.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.

Salary and Terms of Employment:

You will be employed as a postdoc for a period of 24 months with good possibilities of extension. Salary, pension and terms of employment are in accordance with the agreement between the Danish Regions (Danske Regioner) and the relevant professional organization. The salary depends on background education and seniority. Further, supplements can be negotiated. Note that candidates coming from abroad may be eligible for tax reductions.

We see diversity as a strength and encourage all persons, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, disabilities, or religion, to apply.

Applications should include a cover letter, CV, and list of publications.

Applications must be submitted on-line through the RegionH job portal

Application deadline: September 30th, 2023 at 23:00 (CET)

For further information regarding the position, please contact Petr Bednarik, MD, PhD

Email: petrb@drcmr.dk

Read the job description at the Region´s homepage


Post expires on Saturday September 30th, 2023