Doctoral Studentship in Library and Information Science


Reference number: 2023/474-2.2.1

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The Department of Cultural Sciences is a multidisciplinary department, where library and information science is one of the subjects, along with history, archaeology, religious studies, geography, and cultural sociology. The department constitutes a creative research environment with interdisciplinary centres in the fields of colonial and postcolonial studies and global humanities. The subject of library and information science constitutes a thriving academic environment, with currently ten active researchers and teachers employed. The subject offers bachelor’s and master’s programmes in library and information science and digital humanities.

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Linnaeus University invite applications for a doctoral studentship in library and information science at the Department of Cultural Sciences, in collaboration with the University of Borås. The studentship is part of the national research school ReSource, funded by the Swedish Research Council.  

Subject area for the position: Library and information science.

Location until further notice: Linnaeus University is located in Växjö and Kalmar, and the location for the position is Växjö. Doctoral students on studentships are expected to participate in department- and faculty-wide activities at both locations. The research school ReSource is located in Borås, which means that travel between Växjö and Borås is required on a regular basis. 

Term and hours: The doctoral studentship is limited in time in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance (Chapter 5, Section 7). The total period of employment must not exceed the equivalent of four years’ full-time doctoral studies. The Higher Education Ordinance states that anyone who is employed as a doctoral student shall primarily devote themselves to their own studies, although they may, to a limited extent, also work with education, research, and administration, in which case the employment period will be extended proportionally. Such work may not exceed 20% of full-time work. 

Starting date: 1 September 2023 or as agreed upon. 

Job description
The research school starts out from the current information crisis and aims to explore informational reading and source criticism by analysing the interplay between changing (commercial) information infrastructures, societal institutions, and the demands placed on people in different roles. The doctoral project should fall within the scope of the research school, and focus on one or several of the school’s four subthemes: 

  • (dis/mis)information, changing information infrastructures, and source criticism
  • current and historical informational reading practices
  • libraries as institutional settings for promoting informational reading and source criticism
  • the credibility and trustworthiness crisis of research.

These themes, along with the design and activities of the research  school, are described in detail on the research school’s webpage.

Information about the doctoral education in library and information science is found on the University of Borås website.


The successful candidate must hold a master’s degree (either 60 or 120 credits) in library and information science or another related field. Entry requirements for doctoral education are specified in the general syllabus.

All entry requirements must be met no later than by the application deadline.

Assessment criteria

Applicants are assessed based on the degree to which they are deemed to be able to benefit from the doctoral education, based on their application. The assessment criteria are as follows: quality, quantity, relevance, and progression of previous education.

To be awarded the studentship, the candidate must meet the entry requirements for, and be admitted to, the doctoral programme in library and information science at the University of Borås. The location for the position is Linnaeus University, Växjö and active participation in the research environment at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science in Borås is expected. As a student at the national research school ReSource, the successful candidate is required to actively contribute to the school’s activities, by regularly attending seminars, workshops, residentials, courses, and other activities that the school organises. 

The application

Please indicate clearly what position the application is for, including the reference number. The following documents should be included with the application:

  1. a personal letter
  2. a CV, including a list of publications
  3. your master’s thesis
  4. a thesis plan (ca 3 000–4 000 words) tying in with one or several of the research school’s themes, including a description of the research problem, preliminary research questions, and proposed theory and methods.
  5. grades and certificates.

The application deadline is 21 April 2023.


Fredrik Hanell, Head of Department at the Department of Cultural Sciences at Linnaeus University; +46 (0)470–708589 

Joacim Hansson, Head of Library and Information Science at Linnaeus University; +46 (0)470–708971

Anna Lundh, Coordinator for the reseach school ReSource at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science in Borås; +46 (0)33-435 59 91

Ola Pilerot, Director of Doctoral Studies at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science in Borås; +46 (0)33-435 4329

Maria Furbring, HR partner at Linnaeus University; +46 (0)480-446751

Union representatives are reached via Linnaeus University’s switchboard: +46 (0)772-28 80 00

Linnaeus University has the ambition to utilize the qualities that an even gender distribution and diversity brings to the organization.

Please apply by clicking on the Apply button at the bottom of the ad. Applicants are requested to the application resolving CV, cover letter , a copy of a relevant essay , grades and certificates and other relevant documents. The applicant also requested to submit with their application a proposed research plan within the current area of research. All documents must be attached to digital in the application. The application and other documents shall be marked with the reference number. All documents cited must be received by the University no later than 24.00 (Local time in Sweden) on the closing day.

Read the job description at the university homepage


Post expires on Friday April 21st, 2023