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5 Postdoctoral Researcher fixed-term positions (TIAS) at the faculties of Education, Humanities, Law and Social Sciences and the Turku School of Economics

The University of Turku is a world-class multidisciplinary research university which offers interesting challenges and a unique vantage point to national and international research and education.

The Turku Institute for Advanced Studies promotes cutting-edge university research in the humanities and social sciences including studies in arts and literature, cultural studies, history, archaeology, languages, linguistics, speech and language pathology, business studies, economics, education, law, philosophy, political science, psychology, social policy, social work, sociology and research methodologies. TIAS is supported by the faculties of Education, Humanities, Law and Social Sciences and the Turku School of Economics and its researchers span these disciplines.

TIAS invites applications for five (5) Postdoctoral Researcher positions for a three-year period starting from 1January2021. Postdoctoral is defined as being within five (5) years of applicants having passed their PhD. Persons appointed must have successfully completed their doctoral degree by the end of the application period.

TIAS selects researchers through an international call for applications and welcomes applications from all disciplines within its five constituent faculties (Economics, Education, Humanities, Law and Social Sciences). TIAS researchers are located in departments which act as hosts to the research. Selected applicants will benefit from being hosted within departments in the University’s faculties, while also being part of the vibrant TIAS research community. They will be required to attend regular TIAS meetings and events which are designed to promote interdisciplinary working and researchers’ continuing professional development.

Selection of successful applicants will be on the basis of academic excellence, with the intention that each of TIAS’ constituent faculties will host one researcher recruited from this Call. In their motivation letter, applicants should state how their work supplements existing work at the University of Turku, identifying both the department within which they wish to be located and relevant members of staff whose work aligns with their own.

Applicants are also requested to demonstrate a linkage between their research and one or more of the strategic research and education profiles of the University of Turku for 2021–2030:  1) Biodiversity and sustainability 2) Future technologies and digital society 3) Cultural memory and social change 4) Children, young people and learning 5) Health, diagnostics and drug development 6) Sea and maritime studies.

TIAS recruits researchers on the basis of external evaluations. Reviewers are asked to provide assessments of the applicant’s previous academic achievements, the quality of the research plan, the theoretical and methodological framework and the proposed outputs plan and also to provide an overall ranking of the proposal.

TIAS researchers’ salaries are determined in accordance with the university salary system for teaching and research personnel.  The salary for Postdoctoral Researcher positions corresponds to a requirement level 5 and the pre-estimated personal performance percentage of 17% (euro-dominated salary 3 434.59 €/month).  Progress in the researcher’s personal performance can be taken into account when determining the salary during employment.

The University of Turku is a responsible employer and educator and follows The Equality Plan of the University of Turku approved by the University Board. The European Commission has awarded the University of Turku the right to use the HR Excellence in Research logo. The logo is a token of the University’s commitment to continuous development of the position and working conditions of researchers according to the guidelines set forth in the European Charter for Researchers.

The closing date for applications is 30 March 2020 (23.59.59 Finnish time, GMT +3). Applications must be submitted via the University of Turku’s electronic application form, a link to which can be found at the beginning of this announcement (Apply for the job).

For more information on applying, please contact the TIAS Director, Professor Martin Cloonan martin.cloonan@utu.fi or the TIAS Coordinator, Jenni Kankaanpää, TIAS-haku@utu.fi. For further information on TIAS please see http://www.utu.fi/tias.

Instructions and guidance for applicants can be found here: https://www.utu.fi/sites/default/files/public%3A//media/file/Instructions-for-applicants-TIAS-2020_0.pdf.

Read the job description at the university homepage

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Post expires on Monday March 30th, 2020