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Postdoctoral Researcher, Biocomputing

The University of Oulu in Northern Finland, with approximately 15,000 students and 3,000 employees, is an international, multidisciplinary research university with a rich pool of creative and intellectual talent. The strengths of the University include broad, multidisciplinary research interests, a modern research and study environment, and wide cooperation with international research and educational institutes (http://www.oulu.fi/university/).

Biocenter Oulu is a focus institute of University of Oulu to advance quality of research and to provide open access infrastructure services in seven technology platforms (https://www.oulu.fi/biocenter/core-facilities) including the Biocomputing Biocenter Oulu research infrastructure (RI). These are part of the University of Oulu Infrastructure Unit and belong to the national Biocenter Finland research infrastructure network providing services to the entire Finnish bioscience community.

Description of the position

The Biocenter Oulu Biocomputing RI (https://www.oulu.fi/biocenter/biocomputing-and-bioinformatics) is offering a post-doctoral level biocomputing specialist position. The RI provides expertise and services in the field of in silico modelling and simulation of proteins and membranes and it has clients both in academy and industry.

The post is for four (4) years with a starting date on January 1st, 2021, or as soon as possible after that. A six-month trial period will be effective in the beginning of the contract.


The primary responsibility of the candidate is handling service requests by the RI’s clients, that is to discuss their research questions and requirements, to formulate and execute a solution based in biocomputing, and to prepare a scientific report. Frequently, the candidate will have to contribute to scientific articles as well. The candidate is expected to be able to communicate with clients who are not experts in in silico modelling and simulation techniques, and to handle several projects simultaneously. The candidate will also be involved in teaching in courses on in silico methodologies in biochemistry and molecular medicine, arranged by the RI. The main language of communication is English. While the candidate primary responsibility is to serve RI’s clients, the candidate will have limited time to pursue their own project as well.

Required qualifications and assessment

The successful applicant should have a PhD degree in (bio)physics, (bio)chemistry, bioinformatics or other relevant fields. Candidates whose PhD thesis has been submitted for review by the application deadline will also be eligible to apply. Fluent oral and written English skills as well as good communication and teamwork skills are required.

In addition, the candidate must have a record of scientific productivity in the field of biocomputing as evidenced by original publications. Previous work experience in core facility / service laboratory, experience in teaching in relevant courses (at post and/or undergraduate level) and a track record of competitive research funding is considered as an additional strength.

The ideal candidate for this position should have expertise in at least one of the following:

  • Setting up and conducting large scale molecular dynamics simulations of proteins and membranes (both atomistic and coarse grained).
  • Executing quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics simulations for studying chemical reactions catalysed by enzymes.
  • Using various tools for protein modelling purposes (protein structure prediction, acid-dissociation constant prediction, protein docking, and so forth) and (structural) bioinformatics.
  • Writing computer programs in any of the major programming languages (C/C++, Python, R, Java, and the like) for developing new in silico tools.


The salary will be based on the requirement level and work performance of teaching and research staff of the salary system for Finnish universities, composed of both task-specific and personal performance components. The task will be on demand level 5 or 6 depending on qualifications. In addition, a salary component based on personal achievements and work performance will be paid (maximum of 50% of the job specific component). The salary is in practice roughly 3,300 – 4,700 € / month, depending on qualifications, performance and experience at the start of the appointment.

Application procedure

Applications should be submitted electronically using the online recruiting system of the University of Oulu.

The following documents must be attached to the application in English:

1) Curriculum vitae

2) Brief description of experience and motivation

3) Copies of the degree certificate

4) List of publications

5) Contact information of two persons who may be asked to give references of the candidate

Applications, together with all relevant enclosures, must be submitted using the electronic application form by 30.11.2020, 24:00 (Finnish local time). Applications sent by email will not be considered.


The applicants fitting best for the position will be interviewed on-site or remotely.


For further information regarding the filling of this post:

Professor Lauri Eklund, Director of Biocenter Oulu infrastructures,

email: lauri.eklund@oulu.fi


Dr Andre Juffer, Head of the Biocomputing research infrastructure,

email: andre.juffer@oulu.fi

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Post expires on Monday November 30th, 2020

Doctoral student, Space Physics

The University of Oulu is an international science university where we have 15 000 students and 3000 workers. Our university creates innovation for the future, well-being, and knowledge through research and education. Our multidisciplinary combination of a science and technology university provides an excellent basis for influential research.

The Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory is an independent unit of the University of Oulu. Its national task is to make long-term high-level measurements and observations, development of instrumentation and methods, observations of geohazards and space weather situation in 24/7 for geophysics and space physics. The Observatory provides measurements for local, national, and international research purposes and develops different services based on its own data together with other research institutes and companies. The Observatory has an observation unit, research unit, and technical unit.

We are looking two students for part- or full-time Doctoral student positions for a maximum of four years, starting in January 2021 or later upon agreement. The positions are in the framework of a project funded by the Academy of Finland and will start with a 6-month trial period. The positions will lead to a completion of PhD in Space Physics, supervised by Assoc. Prof. Alexander Mishev. The place of work is located at Cosmic rays Unit of SGO in Linnanmaa campus in Oulu. The research will be performed in the frame of the cosmic ray group (http://cosmicrays.oulu.fi/group.html) headed by prof. Ilya Usoskin. The working language is English.

Subject field and description of the position

These positions are under the Project QUASARE (QUAntification of Spectral and Angular characteristics of extreme solar eRuptive Events) funded by the Academy of Finland. The project is focused on a study of major solar energetic particle (SEP) events and related space weather and atmospheric phenomena.

The positions will be filled in the field of space physics, specifically space weather, and include data analysis of ground-based and space-borne instruments, statistical analysis of SEP features, computation of exposure to radiation at flight altitudes and/or atmospheric ionization and other terrestrial effects. Basic knowledge of high-energy and atmospheric physics and/or modelling is requested.  Good programming skills are mandatory (Python, MATLAB), skills in C++, ROOT is a strong advantage.

Required qualifications and assessment

A successful candidate must have a M.Sc. or equivalent degree in Physics, Mathematics, Geosciences or other related discipline. Ability to pursue independent research, write scientific papers are expected as well as fluency in English. Confirmed experience in one or more of the following disciplines is a strong advantage (space physics, high-energy physics, radiation physics, atmospheric physics, computational physics, scientific data analysis). The selected candidate must meet the minimal requirements to receive doctoral study rights as defined by the UniOGS http://www.oulu.fi/uniogs/requirements_for_admission.

We offer an interesting and versatile position in a multi-disciplinary field, combining Space Physics, High-energy physics, Geophysics and Computational Physics. We offer the possibility to develop professionally with the help of an experienced team in a multicultural environment. Furthermore, we offer development opportunities of a big organisation with flexible working hours, excellent work-life balance and occupational healthcare services.


The salary of the selected doctoral students will be set on levels 2 – 4 of the national salary scale for the teaching and research staff of Finnish universities. In addition, a supplementary remuneration may be given for personal achievement and performance (max. 50 %). The total salary for these levels (before taxation) currently ranges from about 2250 to 3800 Euros/month for full-time employment.

Application Procedure

Applications must be submitted using the electronic application form by 15.11.2020, 23:59 (Finnish local time), with the following attachments as three separate pdf files:

  1. Complete CV, containing a list of publications and contact information of at least two professional references;
  2. Motivation letter describing prior knowledge and research interests and career plans (max 2 pages).
  3. Certificates/Diplomas: Scanned electronic copies of diplomas, transcripts of the study records of relevant previous degrees. If the original documents are not in English or Finnish or Swedish, a translation into English or Finnish should be provided.

Short-listed applicants will be invited to an on-site or remote interview. All applicants will be notified when the selection process is completed.

Further details
are available from Assoc. Prof. Alexander Mishev, e-mail: alexander.mishev (at) oulu.fi

Read the job description at the university homeopage

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Post expires on Sunday November 15th, 2020

Doctoral Student in High-Dimensional Causal Inference with Applications in Genomics

  The University of Oulu is an international scientific community, with approximately 15 000 students and 3 000 employees. The strengths of the University are wide multidisciplinary study and research interests, modern research and study environment and extensive cooperation with international educational and research institutes. The Faculty of Science at the University of Oulu is announcing an open Doctoral Student position, which will be located at the Research Unit of Mathematical Sciences (http://www.oulu.fi/mathematics/) which has an internationally strong position at the forefront of research in its focus areas. The work will be performed in collaboration with the Computational Medicine Research Team, Center for Life Course Health Research at the University of Oulu.

This position is aimed at strengthening the participating research units as well as the Data Insight for High-Dimensional Dynamics (HiDyn, https://www.oulu.fi/university/hidyn) program funded by the Academy of Finland PROFI5. HiDyn is a program devoted to multidisciplinary data science and artificial intelligence. It will offer mathematical and methodological expertise to understand high-dimensional dynamic systems. The doctoral student position is for 4 years and is aimed to start on December 2020 or as soon as possible thereafter. A six-month trial period is applied in the position.

Description of the position

The research project “High-dimensional causal inference with applications in genomics” aims at developing novel data driven methods for causal analysis of human epidemiological data, with a focus on cardio-metabolomic diseases. The recent focus on Mendelian randomization in this area provides an exciting opportunity for merging of new tools in large scale mathematical optimization with Bayesian graph theory. The Doctoral Student will carry out research work within a multidisciplinary research team, publish research results in international high-quality journals and attend doctoral courses. Some participation in teaching is required. Please also see the requirements of the University of Oulu Graduate School: http://www.oulu.fi/uniogs/requirements_for_admission. The work will be supervised by Patrik Waldmann, Johannes Kettunen and Esa Läärä.


The successful applicant must hold a master degree (or equivalent degree) in applied mathematics, data science, statistics, bioinformatics or a closely related subject. We are looking for a talented, highly motivated and research-oriented person who has extensive knowledge in Bayesian statistics, mathematical optimization and data driven methods in general. Experience from analysis of large omics data sets is also considered as an advantage. Special emphasize is put on the research experience in the subject field and demonstrated experience in writing scientific publications. Experience on multidisciplinary research, work abroad and other international experience will be regarded as an asset.

The salary of the selected doctoral student will be set on levels 2 – 4 of the national salary scale for the teaching and research staff of Finnish universities. In addition, a supplementary remuneration will be given for personal achievement and performance (max. 50%). The total salary is typically within range 2200–2700 Euros/month for full-time employment.

How to apply

Applications must be accompanied by the following English-language documents:
1) Brief curriculum vitae (Max. size limit of the attachment: 5 Mbytes and 4 pages).
2)  A copy of academic degree(s) and respective transcripts
3) A transcript of studies 4) Brief motivation letter summarizing applicant’s professional experience and expertise and describing why applicant is interested in about this position. Also information on personal research interests and career plans are valuable to provide here (max 2 pages). 5) Full name and e-mail addresses for at least two persons who are willing to give reference letters (if separately asked).

Applications, together with all relevant enclosures, should be submitted using the electronic application form by 30th of October 2020.  

Associate Professor Patrik Waldmann, Patrik.Waldmann (at) oulu.fi

About the City of Oulu
The City of Oulu is Northern Finland’s largest and oldest city, with a population of over 200,000. Located in the Gulf of Bothnia in the Oulu River delta, the city has good access from anywhere. Oulu is a very safe and family friendly community with one of the highest qualities of life in all of Nordic countries. As the world’s northernmost  tech hub, Oulu has a highly educated and innovative workforce and the University has a strong role in the community.

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Post expires on Friday October 30th, 2020

Multiple doctoral student positions in Health and Biosciences Doctoral Programme

The University of Oulu is an international science university creating new knowledge, well-being and innovations for the future through its multidisciplinary research and education. Close cooperation with various research institutes, companies and the public sector has created an internationally significant research and innovation hub that is changing the world. The University of Oulu has 15,000 students and approximately 3,000 employees.

Multiple funded doctoral student positions in Health and Biosciences Doctoral Programme available for application

University of Oulu is now hiring highly motivated candidates for doctoral student positions in the doctoral programmes of the University of Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS). There are multiple positions available in Health and Biosciences Doctoral Programme (DP-HBS)

Successful candidates must commit to researcher training within Health and Biosciences Doctoral Programme with full-time work and to completing their degree within four years.

DP-HBS gathers clinical medicine, biomedicine, biochemistry, molecular medicine, dentistry, health sciences, medical technology and biology under the umbrella of a multidisciplinary training programme. As one of the four multidisciplinary doctoral programmes of the University of Oulu Graduate School, DP-HBS is a fundamental part of the University of Oulu strategic research focus area “Molecular and environmental basis of life-long health” and it will strengthen the systematic and already strong research training and collaboration in this field. DP-HBS operates in close connection with Medical Research Center Oulu (MRC Oulu) and Biocenter Oulu (BCO), and the research environment of the doctoral students spans over several faculties, predominantly the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine. The number of doctoral students in DP-HBS is over 600. There are max 10 full-time, two to three -year positions available in DP-HBS for 2021-2023 (this call). Depending on the stage of the candidate’s dissertation project, the employment contract can be made for 2-3 years. Within the HBS programme, it is possible to apply also for a shorter period of time than three years, including 3-6 months positions for 2021 (the number of these short-term positions has not been pre-defined) (see the corresponding call).

Please note that you can only apply either long-term (2-3 year) or short-term (3-6 months) position, but not both.


An eligible candidate has a Master’s degree or an equivalent degree in a field relevant to the applied field. The degree must have been completed before the selection with at least good grades. Selected candidates must meet all the requirements to receive doctoral study rights as defined in:  


In student selection, priority will be given to such doctoral students whose supervisor is not receiving strategic spearhead or emerging funding related to doctoral training from the University of Oulu during the applicable term, i.e. 2021 onwards.

The major subject of the doctoral student is expected to be in the Doctoral Degree Programme of Medicine, Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Health Sciences, Dentistry or Biology.

Prior to submitting, applicants are expected to have or find a prospective main supervisor in an eligible research unit. Applicants are advised to seek potential supervisors in the faculty web pages or the research focus area web pages. The proposed main supervisor must clearly be identified in the application form (full name, title, position, faculty and research unit at the University of Oulu). A letter from the proposed supervisor willing to commit for supervision must be attached into the applicant’s set of documents (see below).

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the commitment letter does not bind the proposed supervisor to any commitment, if the applicant is not selected into the doctoral student position applied here and for which the letter of support was provided.

Salary and key terms

The salary level of selected doctoral students will vary on levels 2 – 4 of the national salary scale for the teaching and research staff of Finnish universities according to the progress of the PhD thesis. In addition, a supplementary remuneration is given for personal achievement and performance (max. 50 %). In practice, the salary is roughly 2200 – 2700 € per month for an early stage researcher, depending on the appointee’s qualifications and progress of the doctoral thesis.

The positions are filled for a two to three -year period, beginning at the earliest on 1 January 2021. A six-month trial period is applied in the positions.

How to apply

Submit your application in English through the online system by 16 August 2020. Please include the following attachments as five separate pdf files (please note that the online system has a maximum size limit for attachments):

  1. CV: Including a list of all peer-reviewed scientific publications with full reference details.
  2. Motivation letter: Describing prior knowledge, research interests and career plan (max 1 page).
  3. Certificates/Diplomas: Scanned electronic copies of diplomas and transcripts of the records of relevant previous degrees. If the original documents are not in Finnish, Swedish or English, each document must be accompanied by an official certified translation into Finnish or English.
  4. Research plan approved by the supervisor: Please follow the structure given in the guidelines of the Academy of Finland (http://www.aka.fi/en/funding/apply-for-funding/az-index-of-application-guidelines/research-plan-structure/structure-of-research-plan-academy-research-fellow-funding/) However, for the current purpose, the texts under the given section headings need not cover all bullet points in the guidelines, and the maximum length of the (draft) plan’s body of text must not exceed 3 pages with 10-12 point font size and with at least 1,5 cm margins. A fourth page can be used for the list of references only. Thus, the max total length of the plan including the references is 4 pages. Exceeding the page limit will either result in disqualification or removal of the extra pages from the document.
  5. Letter of provisional commitment from the supervisor (max 1 page): This is a brief letter (with date and signature) where an eligible supervisor (either a professor or a docent level researcher who is employed by the University of Oulu) states his/her willingness to act as the supervisor for the applicant. The commitment letter must clearly indicate the University of Oulu’s Research unit, to which the supervisor is affiliated. As the funding provided via this call does not cover all salary related costs the commitment letter must also clearly indicate that the research unit will hire the candidate for full-time work and it will cover all salary-based costs from its, own budget.

Applications received after the deadline, incomplete applications, and/or applications with attachments that exceed the specified limits, will not be considered.

Application and evaluation process

Evaluation and ranking of the applications will take place in multiple stages. First, ineligible or incomplete applications are rejected. Second, eligible and complete applications are evaluated and ranked by the external evaluation panel. Third, applications with highest scores from the second round will be further evaluated and ranked by the corresponding Doctoral Training Committee. Finally, University of Oulu Graduate School deans will consolidate the evaluation results and make the final decision for the positions. All applicants will be informed of the selection by e-mail.

Further information

For information about eligibility and degree requirements, see the Graduate School website: https://www.oulu.fi/uniogs/

About the evaluation process: DP-HBS coordinator Mirja Peltola (firstname.lastname@oulu.fi).

Read the job description at the university homepage

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Post expires on Sunday August 16th, 2020