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Postdoc position in the Membrane Integrity Group, Danish Cancer Society Research Center (DCRC)

We are looking for a highly dedicated postdoc to join the Membrane Integrity Group at the Danish Cancer Society Research Center (DCRC) in Copenhagen

We offer a 3-year postdoc position in an international environment with a strong record in generating new discoveries within the field of single cell wound healing and cancer cell biology. You will work under the supervision of group leader Jesper Nylandsted on the research topics membrane repair in glioblastoma multiforme.

About us
Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is a devastating lethal cancer type in the brain with an extremely poor prognosis. While GBM has been studied extensively, the median survival is only approximately 15 months and prognosis remains largely unchanged despite medical and surgical advances. Standard treatment includes tumor surgical resection, followed by radiotherapy plus concomitant chemotherapy. However, almost all patients experience tumor recurrence with nearly universal mortality. Thus, research into novel avenues to target GBM is urgently needed, which is the motivation behind this project.

Our recent research shows that cancer cells in general (including neuroblastoma cells) depend on efficient membrane repair to cope with stress induced membrane ruptures. Membrane injuries are caused when invading through dense extracellular matrix and from intracellular metabolic stress. GBM cells upregulate membrane repair components including annexin proteins, most likely to cope with enhanced membrane stress and membrane disruptions. Moreover, we have recently discovered that clinical relevant drugs, i.e. derivatives of phenothiazines, which can pass the blood-brain barrier and have widespread use in the fields of psychiatry and allergy treatment, strongly sensitize cancer cells to mechanical-, chemical-, and heat-induced injury by inhibiting annexin-mediated plasma membrane repair. Using an interdisciplinary approach combining cancer cell biology, biophysics and membrane modelling, this project aims at repurposing derivaties of phenothiazines and  elucidate key membrane repair mechanisms in glioblastoma multiforme that can be targeted therapeutically, revealing novel treatment avenues for this devastating disease.

You can read more about our research group at our website www.cancer.dk

About the position
Using our complementing array of state-of-the art techniques within cell and molecular biology, biophysics, and advanced imaging including super resolution microscopy, this project aims at revealing fundamental mechanisms of membrane repair in glioblastoma multiforme.

About you
We expect you to have:

  • A PhD degree in molecular biomedicine, biology, technical engineer, biochemistry, human biology, or relevant discipline.
  • Good technical skills with molecular and cellular biology-based methods and in cancer biology, microscopy based imaging (an advantage)
  • Fluent communication in English
  • High level of motivation and working discipline
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Friendly personality

We offer
The laboratories are located in a pleasant environment, recently completely renovated and with modern interior equipped with state-of-the-art technology. We have plenty of room for social interactions and activities, and have several benefits for the personnel, such as a health conscious canteen and a daily selection of free fruit, well-functioning sports activities, and an inspiring art society. And the working hours are of course smoke free.

The position is time-limited to three years.

Salary will be provided according to the current agreements between the Danish Cancer Society and the relevant trade union. Working hours are 37 hours per week including a lunch break. The everyday working language is English.

Non-Danish and Danish applicants may be eligible for tax reductions, if you have not lived in Denmark in the previous 10 years. Please feel free to contact hr@cancer.dk if you have any questions regarding relocating to Denmark

Additional information
More information can be obtained directly from group leader Jesper Nylandsted, e-mail jnl@cancer.dk.

Application and closing date for applications
The deadline for application is 1 February 2023. The selected candidates will be invited for a personal interview. The position is available from 1 April 2023.

Your application should be written in English including a letter of motivation, CV and at least one reference from a previous workplace.

One in three Danes will at some point in their life be affected by cancer. Two out of three will become relatives. With so many people involved, the Danish Cancer Society wishes to bring people together in a strong and active community against cancer, where you as an employee can be part in making an important difference. The Danish Cancer Society is a democratic organisation, where local associations and volunteers contribute to reaching our goals of fewer people getting cancer, more surviving cancer and everyone getting the best possible life with and after cancer.


Jesper Nylandsted


Read the job description at the Center´s homepage


Post expires on Wednesday February 1st, 2023