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Ref IFM-2020-00363

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The Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology conducts research and offers education at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Research, the predominant activity, is often done in collaboration with corporate and international partners. We are one of the university’s largest, oldest and most well known departments, encompassing five interacting scientific fields: biology, chemistry, material physics, applied physics and theory and modelling.

Hereby advertises a position as

Postdoctor in Semiconductor Device Materials
formally based at Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, IFM

The project focuses on the development of novel gallium oxide and aluminum gallium oxide material technology for power electronic applications. The main work involves Ga(Al)2O3 epitaxy using our unique hot-wall metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) reactor. Our team has pioneered hot-wall MOCVD for wide band gap semiconductors (GaN, SiC), and has demonstrated such materials with superior purity and electronic device performance.  The goal of the project is to push the boundaries of current state-of-the-art in Ga(Al)2O3 material quality by using the distinctive features of the hot-wall CVD concept to control defects, doping and alloying. The project also includes characterization of structural and transport properties of Ga(Al)2O3 epitaxial layers and device structures. 

The work will be carried out in close collaboration with ABB, On Semiconductor and Chalmers University of Technology in connection with the Competence Centre for III-Nitride technology, C3NiT You must therefore be willing to engage in and collaborate with our industrial and academic partners, and to contribute to the implementation and demonstration of the research. You will be given the opportunity to participate in project leadership within C3NiT and upon successful completion of the work a further carrier development may be sought for.

A Postdoctor will essentially carry out research. The position may also involve teaching, but during no more than a fifth of work time.

We are looking for an ambitious and highly motivated candidate who holds a PhD degree in physics, engineering, chemistry or materials science. Experience in MOCVD growth and characterization of Ga2O3 is obligatory. Proven record of writing scientific articles is also required. 

The position requires a doctorate or an equivalent degree from a foreign university. The doctorate shall have been obtained no longer than three years before the expiration date of the application.

Appointment time
Two years. 

Starting date 
By agreement.

The University applies individual salary scales adapted to the experience of the employee and to the labour market.

Union representatives
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Application procedure
Apply for the position by clicking the “Apply” button below. Your application must be received at latest August 30, 2020.

Applications and documents received after the date above will not be considered.

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We look forward to receiving your application!

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Contact person

Vanya Darakchieva


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Post expires on Sunday August 30th, 2020