Postdoc in Bioelectronics for plant physiology monitoring Norrkoping

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At the Department of Science and Technology, at the university’s Norrköping campus, we provide education and conduct research in physics and electronics, communications/logistics and media- and information technology. The department is recognised for its work in fields including logistics, visualisation and organic electronics. We combine academic excellence with fruitful collaboration with the Community.

Hereby advertises a position as

Postdoc in Bioelectronics for plant physiology monitoring
formally based at the Department of Science and Technology, Campus Norrköping.

Research area
In the Laboratory of Organic Electronics (LOE) we explore electronic and optical properties of organic semiconductors, biomaterials from the forest and hybrid organic materials. We share a common interest in exploiting the combination of electronic and ionic charge for use in energy, internet-of-things, health care and biology applications. Our research topics include synthesis, material science, theory and modeling, device physics, nanotechnology, biotechnology and system design. Our activities span the range from basic research to commercialization, the latter carried out in close collaboration with RISE Acreo. LOE currently has ~100 researchers and research students divided into eleven units, each led by a principal investigator. Read more at:

The Postdoc will work at the Electronic Plants group of LOE led by Asst, Prof. Eleni Stavrinidou. The Electronic Plants group aims to interface electronics with plants. The research focuses on the development of plant based biohybrid systems and on the development of bioelectronic technologies for monitoring and controlling plant physiology. Read more at:

A Postdoc will essentially carry out research. The position may also involve teaching, but during no more than a fifth of work time.

The Postdoc will develop organic bioelectronic sensors for monitoring plant physiology. The sensors will be based on conjugated polymer-based electrodes and organic electrochemical transistors. The postdoc will fabricate devices with photolithography or printing techniques, integrate the devices into plant model systems and perform studies related to plant responses on environmental stress. The postdoc will be responsible for growing and taking care of plants in our controlled growth facilities.  The research has interdisciplinary character including material-device characterization and plants integration. The postdoc will work closely with collaborators specialized in plant biology and electrophysiology.

The position requires a doctorate degree or a foreign degree that is equivalent to a doctorate. The doctorate degree shall have been obtained no longer than three years before the expiration date of the application.

The applicant should have a PhD and strong scientific background in applied physics, electrical engineering, or electrophysiology. Experience in any of the following are of extra merit: microfabrication, conjugated polymers, bioelectronic devices, plant biology, signal processing, circuit design. The applicant should be driven, creative, strongly self-motivated with excellent problem-solving abilities. The applicant should be able to work effectively both individually and together with other researchers in a multidisciplinary context. The applicant should have very good communication skills and very good knowledge of English both verbal and written.

Appointment time
A Postdoc is appointed for two years.

Starting date By agreement

SalaryThe University applies individual salary scales adapted to the experience of the employee and to the labour market.

Union representatives
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Application procedureApply for the position by clicking the “Apply” button below. Your application must be received at latest 30th of April 2020. 
Applications and documents received after the date above will not be considered.

Equal opportunities
A majority of our postdocs at ITN are men, which is why precedence will be given to women in cases where qualifications are deemed otherwise equivalent.

Linköping University will continue to develop as an attractive and creative place of work, characterized by equal terms and actively works for equality and diversity.

We look forward to receiving your application!

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Contact person

Eleni Stavrinidou

Assistant professor

+ 46 700 89 62 0

Annelie Westerberg


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Post expires on Thursday January 1st, 1970