PhD student in infra informatics Norrköping with special focus on Quantitative Logistics


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Skilled and committed employees are a crucial factor in the success of Linköping University. And we need more of them. Our core expertise comes from teachers and researchers, but a successful university requires experienced and motivated employees in many fields. Everyone is important. We need to recruit many new employees due to, among all, an expansion in our research activity. We need you here. We look forward to receiving your application!

At the Department of Science and Technology, at the university’s Norrköping Campus, we provide education and conduct research in physics and electronics, communications/logistics and media- and information technology. The department is recognised for its work in fields including logistics, visualisation and organic electronics. We combine academic excellence with fruitful collaboration with the Community.

Hereby advertises a position as

PhD student in infra informatics Norrköping with special focus on Quantitative Logistics
formally based at the Department of Science and Technology, Campus Norrköping.

Research area
In the area of Quantitative Logistics, a system analysis perspective and an engineering based methodology is used to analyze, plan, model and simulate logistic problems and other resource management problems in the industry and the society. The research area includes city logistics, air traffic and transportation planning and management, and emergency response and health care logistics. Research often includes cooperation with other research areas within the division Communications and transport systems. This division also includes the units Traffic Systems, Constructions logistics, Mobile telecommunication and Construction engineering.

As a PhD student you will primarily devote yourself to your research. As a PhD student you are limited to work with education and administration up to 20 percent of full time.

Your research will be conducted within the research project NEtworK Optimization for CarSharing Integration into a Multimodal TRANSportation System (EkoCS-Trans). The overall goal of this project is to support Swedish industry in providing CS solutions that attract a wide customer base (and, hence, lead to a reduced energy consumption), and to enable Swedish authorities to account for growing CS in their strategic urban transport planning. The approach is quantitative and makes strong use of simulation and optimization techniques.

On the simulation side, you will be responsible for integrating a representation of shared vehicles into an existing multi-agent transport simulation for Stockholm. On the optimization side, you will be responsible for solving problems that are mainly related to the planning of car sharing systems, using for example mathematical optimization or geometric algorithms. You will also contribute to the integration of both aspects of your research into a simulation-based optimization approach for the planning of car sharing systems.

Qualified to PhD studentships are only those who are or have been admitted to graduate studies.

  • For this position you must have following requirements:
  • Programming skills in Java or strong programming skills in some other object-oriented language
  • Strong quantitative skills/theoretical/mathematical background, e.g. through a degree in computer science, mathematics, physics, engineering (or willingness to learn)
  • Interest in applying quantitative and computational techniques to real transportation problems
  • Good command of spoken and written English

Desirable skills and traits:

  • Transportation related background (e.g. a degree in (intelligent) transportation systems or the like
  • Knowledge of algorithm design or mathematical optimization
  • Interest in interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Communication and team skills
  • Creativity

Appointment time
The appointment will be until further notice for a maximum of one year at a time. A doctoral student may not be employed during a period exceeding eight years. The total time of appointment must not exceed the equivalent of four years full time research training.

Starting date 
March 1, 2019 or by agreement

The salary for PhD students is based on the department’s salary scale.

Union representatives
For contact with union representatives see below.

Application procedure
Apply for the position by clicking the “Apply” button below. Your application must be received at latest February 7, 2019.

Applications and documents received after the date above will not be considered.

Equal opportunitiesA majority of our Phd positions within the department are men, which is why precedence will be given to women in cases where qualifications are deemed otherwise equivalent.

Linköping University will continue to develop as an attractive and creative place of work, characterized by equal terms and actively works for equality and diversity.

We look forward to receiving your application!

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Contact person

Christiane Schmidt

Biträdande universitetslektor

+46 11 363212

Magnus Glänneskog

The head of the administration

+46 11363081

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Post expires on Thursday February 7th, 2019