Postdoctoral Researcher – Learning and Learning Processes

The University of Oulu is one of the biggest and most multidisciplinary universities in Finland. Our ambitious and talented science community forms an international research hub that is striving towards a more sustainable and intelligent future. The strengths of the University include broad, multidisciplinary research interests, a modern research and study environment, and wide cooperation with international research and educational institutes. 

The position is located in the research unit “Learning and Learning Processes” in the Faculty of Education. The research carried out in this unit produces understanding on and solutions to how to cope with change while an increasingly central role is being occupied by continuous learning. Special characteristics of this research include technology in support of learning and teaching, interaction, and the learning of individuals and groups in various learning environments. Through familiarization with the processes of learning and interaction among individuals and groups, we can provide them with new kinds of solutions for the increasingly technological future. In this way individuals and groups can make use of technology to support intelligent activity and learning in both studies and everyday life. The data produced by the research carried out in the unit also helps to develop human technology, which is connected with multidisciplinary research cooperation and the utilization of the Leaf space ( in research. The focus in the research methods is on process-oriented methods and utilization of technology in data collection.

The person to be appointed is required to show evidence of a strong research orientation and high-level publication activities as well as participation in the development of national and international research cooperation. The appointee is expected to show active involvement in the acquisition of research funding.

The research work shall be relevant to the themes in the job description for the current position, thereby integrating into the focal areas research in the faculty (see

The teaching responsibilities involved in the position focus on educational studies in the various degree programmes of the faculty, with an agreement on them made as part of the annual work plan covering 1624 hours.

The language of teaching and degrees in the University of Oulu is Finnish. It is also possible to provide teaching in English. The current vacancy requires a good command of English.

The position is aimed to be filled as of March 1st, 2019, and the employment will continue until February 28th, 2021. The position is subject to a trial period of 6 months.


The salary will be set on levels 5 to 6 of the demand level for teaching and research staff in Finnish universities. In addition to the job-specific salary component, a personal work performance component is also paid amounting to not more than 50 % of the job-specific component.


The eligibility criteria for the position of a postdoctoral researcher include an applicable doctoral degree, ability to do independent scientific research, and teaching skills needed in the post.


The applications shall be submitted using the online application form on December 31st, 2018 at the latest.

Appendices to the application

  1. Brief curriculum vitae in English, not more than 3 pages.
  2. List of publications classified as follows: (1) articles in international peer-reviewed journals; (2) articles in international peer-reviewed volumes of scientific significance and in peer-reviewed conference proceedings; (3) articles in domestic peer-reviewed journals; (4) articles in domestic peer-reviewed volumes of scientific significance and in domestic peer-reviewed conference proceedings; (5) scientific monographs, and (6) other scientific publications such as articles in scientific journals and conference proceedings with no peer-review process, and publications in university and department series.
  3. Short account in English of significant research merits relevant for the vacancy, and a brief research and action plan (max 3 pages) in English.
  4. In electronic form, a maximum of 10 publications or other works chosen for assessment that the applicant thinks should be taken into account when his or her eligibility and merits are considered.

For more details, contact Sanna Järvelä (sanna.jarvela at, Head of the Research Unit

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Post expires on Monday December 31st, 2018