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The Department of Pharmacy isoffering a three-year PhD fellowship in Drug Delivery of Biopharmaceuticals inthe Center for Biopharmaceuticals and Biobarriers in Drug Delivery. The PhDfellowship is financed by the Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen,and the Novo Nordisk Foundation Grand Challenge Program. The fellowship isavailable from 1 December 2018 or as soon as possible thereafter. 


Project description 

The demand for peptide and protein therapeutics that can be used withoutinjection is increasing. However, due to the structural properties of suchbiopharmaceuticals, it is extremely challenging to design drug delivery systemssuitable for efficient delivery of therapeutic doses of, e.g., peptides afteroral administration. Novel drug delivery systems must be tailored to thephysicochemical properties of the specific drug molecules, the functionalexcipients and the intended route of administration.  


This interdisciplinary project will address the elucidation andmechanistic understanding of how the barrier properties of intestinal mucosamay be overcome through the design of drug delivery systems. Specifically, theimpact of the mucus component will be studied and related to the use ofexcipients with specific properties when integrated into drug delivery systems.  


The hypothesis is that by detailed elucidation of the barrier propertiesof the mucus through systematic studies with selected drugs and drug deliverysystems, it will be possible to obtain mechanistic insight that will aid futuredesign of biopharmaceuticals for mucosal drug delivery. Thus, this projectshould study interactions with mucus and mucosal barriers analyzed by advancedanalytical tools and a variety of cell-based models relating to the in vivo situation.  


Principal supervisor  

Professor Hanne Mørck Nielsen, Department of Pharmacy.  

E-mail: hanne.morck@sund.ku.dkDirect phone: +45 3533 6346


Required qualifications  

As an applicant you must have: 

  • Obtained a Master’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences, biomedical engineering, biochemistry, or similar prior to the starting date. 
  • Fluency in English and excellent communication skills.  
  • The ability to work in an interdisciplinary environment. 


Weare looking for a highly motivated individual with a background inpharmaceutical sciences, biomedical engineering, biochemistry, or similar.Experience with drug delivery, cell culture models, relevant in vivo assessment, andbiopharmaceuticals will be preferred. The candidate must be able to workindependently but will also interact with a multidisciplinary project groupinvolved in many aspects of studying and evaluating drug delivery. Extensivetraining in the relevant disciplines will be provided. 


Job description 

Your key tasks as a PhD fellow at the Faculty are to: 

  • Carry through an independent research project under supervision. 
  • Write scientific articles and the PhD thesis on the grounds of the research project. 
  • Complete PhD courses or another equivalent education corresponding to approx. 30 ECTS points. 
  • Obtain experience with teaching or another type of dissemination related to your PhD project. 
  • Participate in the undergraduate teaching of students in pharmaceutical sciences. 
  • Participate in national and international congresses and scientific meetings.  
  • Stay at an external research institution, preferably abroad.  

Key criteria for the assessment of applicants 

  • Professional qualifications relevant to the PhD programme.  
  • Relevant work experience.  
  • Previous publications.  
  • The grade point average achieved.  
  • Other professional activities.  
  • Language skills.
  • The successful applicant is also required to be enterprising and to possess good interpersonal skills.

Formal requirements 

The successful applicant will berequested to formally apply for enrolment as a PhD student at the Faculty ofHealth and Medical Sciences according to the rules stipulated in theMinisterial Order on the PhD programme at the universities (PhD order) from theMinistry of Science, Innovation, and Higher Education and the guidelines forthe PhD programme at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.  


The PhD student is expected to beaffiliated to the graduate programme in pharmaceutical sciences, Drug Research Academy.  


Terms of employment 

The position as a PhD fellow isavailable for a 3-year period. 

Salary and other terms andconditions of appointment are set in accordance with the Agreement between theMinistry of Finance and AC (Danish Confederation of Professional Associations)or other relevant professional organizations. Depending on seniority, themonthly salary begins around DKK 26,454 (approx. 3,550 EUR) (taxable) pluspension. The position is covered by the Job Structure for Academic Staff atUniversities (2013).   


Application procedure 

The application, in English, must besubmitted electronically by clicking APPLY NOW below. Please note that only online applications will be accepted.


Your applicationmust include:

  • Cover letter: Letter stating the interest in and qualifications for the project (max. one page).  
  • Full CV.  
  • Diploma and transcripts of records: Master’s degree diploma (including grade transcripts for bachelor’s and master’s degrees). Applicants with a Master’s degree from abroad should also enclose a short description of the grading scale used. 
  • Possible publication list.  
  • Other information to consider: Possible references and recommendations.  

Deadline for applications13 September 2018.Applications received later than this date will not be considered.  

Post application procedure 

Shortlist:After the expiry of the deadline for applications, the authorized recruitmentmanager selects applicants for assessment on the advice of the AppointmentCommittee. All applicants are then immediately notified whether theirapplication has been passed for assessment by an expert assessment committee.Selected applicants are notified of the composition of the committee and eachapplicant has the opportunity to comment on the part of the assessment thatrelates to the applicant him/herself. You can read about the recruitmentprocess at http://employment.ku.dk.   


Assessment: The selected applications will be assessed accordingto the Ministerial Order no. 242 of 13 March 2012 on the Appointment ofAcademic Staff at Universities and the University of Copenhagen’s guidelines2013. The Assessment Committee makes a non-prioritized assessment of theacademic qualifications and experience with respect to the mentioned area ofresearch, techniques, skills and other requirements listed in theadvertisement.   


Please note that the applicant willbe contacted if the assessment committee requires further documentation. 


An answer as to the granting of thefellowship can be expected approx. 4 weeks after application deadline.   



For further information, applicantsmay contact Professor Hanne Mørck Nielsen (see contact details above) or Administrator Marianne W. Jørgensen, e-mail: marianne.joergensen@sund.ku.dk, direct phone: +45 3533 6449.  


For more information on working andliving in Denmark visit http://ism.ku.dk (International Staff Mobility) and https://www.workindenmark.dk


The University of Copenhagen wishes to encourageeveryone interested in this post to apply, regardless of personal background. 


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Deadline: 13 September 2018
Unit: Det Sundhedsvidenskabelige Fakultet
Campus: Institut for Farmaci
Email: hanne.morck@sund.ku.dk
Read the job description and apply online

Post expires on Thursday September 13th, 2018