PhD student in Systems Biology of Ageing in Yeast

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The department of Mathematical Sciences is a joint department between University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology located at the Chalmers campus Johanneberg. We conduct internationally successful research in a number of areas in pure and applied mathematics, and mathematical statistics.  The department is an important partner of other sciences and industrial projects.

The announced PhD position is located at the Division of Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, with several research groups in the area of biomathematics and systems biology. Gothenburg offers a vibrant systems biology environment with many excellent research groups actively collaborating and organizing a number of life science seminars, systems biology summer schools and workshops.

The PhD student is supervised by Associate Professor Marija Cvijovic and funded by a grant from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research.

The research project is performed in an international and highly collaborative multidisciplinary environment. We study the complexity of cellular ageing using experimental and computational methods.

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Job assignments

You will work in a dynamic research environment at the interface between biology and mathematics to address central problems of cellular ageing. Biological experiments and mathematical modelling will be closely integrated into most of the work. Ageing is a process consisting of many interacting subsystems, it is necessary to account for numerous factors simultaneously by applying large-scale modelling approaches. It is tightly coupled to metabolic and signaling processes like metabolism and nutrient availability.  As sensors of the current environmental status, nutrient signaling pathways represent central aging regulators.  The successful candidate will contribute to our efforts to integrate and interrogate key signalling pathways that sense altered nutrient availability and deviations from intracellular homeostasis. The goal is to gain better understanding of their contributions in yeast ageing and their pivotal role in longevity and healthy life span. You are expected to independently develop new ideas and drive collaborations with experimentalists.

The project will offer you training in a wide range of front-line systems biology methods. Together with the course programme at the research school in natural sciences this training will prepare you for a range of academic as well private and public sector carrier opportunities.

In addition, the position can include up to 20% departmental work, mostly teaching. The employment is limited to a maximum of five years.


To be eligible for third-cycle studies, the applicant must meet both the general and specific entry requirements.

A person meets the general entry requirements for third-cycle studies if he or she:
1. has been awarded a second-cycle qualification
2. has satisfied the requirements for courses comprising at least 240 credits of which at least 60 credits were awarded in the second-cycle, or
3. has acquired substantially equivalent knowledge in some other way in Sweden or abroad

Specific entry requirements:
Applicants for the position should have a strong background in systems biology,  biotechnology or molecular biology.  They must have obtained a master’s degree or a 4-year bachelor’s degree, or expect to complete that degree by the start of the employment.

Candidates should have excellent communications skills, strong self-organizing skills and ability to work within an interdisciplinary setting. Fluency in English is expected.

Candidates should have a keen interest in cellular functioning and cellular ageing. Experience with fluorescence microscopy and microfluidics systems is a merit.


Regulations for the evaluation of qualifications for education on a doctoral level are given in SFS 1998:80.


Type of employment: Fixed-term employment, 5 years
Extent: 100 %
Location: Department of Mathematical Sciences, Gothenburg
First day of employment: as soon as possible

Regulations for the evaluation of qualifications for education on a doctoral level are given in SFS 1998:80.
A new employment as a PhD student applies for a maximum of one year. The Appointment may be prolonged for up to two years at a time. The total employment period may not be longer than the equivalent of four years of full time time doctoral studies.

University applies local agreement on salaries of graduate students.

For further information regarding the position:

Stig Larsson,  deputy head of division
+46 31 772 3543

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) Marija Cvijovic
+46 31 772 5321


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How to apply

In order to apply for a position at the University of Gothenburg, you have to register an account in our online recruitment system. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application is complete in accordance with the instructions in the job advertisement, and that it is submitted before the deadline August 20, 2018. The selection of candidates is made on the basis of the qualifications registered in the application.

Submit the following documents:

  • Application letter (max 2 pages) where you introduce yourself and clearly relate your background and interests to the field of systems biology
  • Detailed curriculum vitae
  • Electronic copies of your master and bachelor transcripts
  • Names of at least two reference persons

Closing date: August 20, 2018.

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Post expires on Monday August 20th, 2018